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2+3+4. Scenario 1: Player 1 takes the ‘gain food’ action and at the end of Player 1’s turn there is no seed in the bird feeder. However we ran across a situation, and we were not sure if we were playing it correctly. Ah, I see. Thanks! If you don’t activate it, no one benefits from it. 1. Top 9 families with younger children favourites, Top 9 Legacy / Campaign Cooperative Games. Nitpick: The materials are top notch (thank you) but we were a bit disappointed with the amount of plastic packaging and materials in the game. If “E” is going to be the second letter for every expansion, then it is redundant and having a single letter slightly larger in the orb would stand out more. Question about Pink “Once Between Turns” actions: For pink cards that say “When another player takes the “gain food” action” (ex. The Mockingbird and other birds like it, cause another bird to activate in the same row. Thus, birds on hand do not earn points. I’ll answer you questions below: Or is this logic over-ruled by the stipulation that it must have a rodent food token symbol? They don’t “copy” the power for themselves. You WILL get it and then you will LOVE it. Yes, “Once between turns” is just shorthand for “it resets after each of your turns.”. An easy test for player interaction is to ask yourself, “Could all actions be taken simultaneously, scaled to any player count?” If the answer is no, there’s at least some player interaction in the game. All of the eggs into another. E.g. The Ethologist bonus cards means that you’ll choose one of the three rows of your birds at the end of the game, and then get 2 points per power color in that row (of the 4 types of colors, including no power/white). It means for example if someone else activates the hunter power that says “Look at a bird from the deck. It’s upside down, so none of the content on the tucked card matters. : Repeat implies the action as having already been done. Only beneficial actions (beneficial to you) are optional. Is all of this correct? Unlike the previous expansion, the Wingspan Oceania Expansion dramatically changes Wingspan. But, just think… Snowy Owls! Many conservation planning efforts are based on species and habitat diversity – not just getting larger number of future birds (eggs) of a small number of species. The Spanish rules are theirs to share if they’d like to do so. Anyway, ravens are survivors (especially when fed PEDs by game designers). One person collects food, if available. Round end powers (teal) can be activated in any order you wish. Does the same stand for the other conversion opportunities (i.e. Your own pink powers cannot be activated on your own turn. That’s correct. If I do, also lay 1 was on this bird. Hi John: I’ll check with Elizabeth, but it may just be an oversight. We’ve been playing a lot and I think we need some rule clarification that I couldn’t find in other comments. Currently the game has been announced by Feuerland (German), Matagot (French), Maldito (Spanish), 999 Games (Dutch), and Delta Vision (Hungarian). They just don’t count twice. Some hardcore Wingspan gamers will remember which expansion each card comes from, but my aging memory and eyes are not as adaptable. Draw 3, Choose one, give Automa A bird that fits his criteria (or face down if it doesn’t fit) from the remaining two and keep the last one. The tūi gets to cache seed and you can spend seed cached on the tūi with some limitation (eg. Yes, regular reroll rules apply (see “Managing the birdfeeder”). First of all, let me say that I don’t consider Wingspan just a game, but a work of art – so beautiful! I can’t remember putting it there, but if it’s on the card, it counts! Interviews, Media, and Promotion Requests,,, 5 Best Wingspan Strategies | The Board Game Guide,,,,,,,, https://­­watch?v=jDJ5WwpV3Sg,,,,,, Journal 21.12.2018 News rund um Brettspiele › Victoria Parta Spiele, A vast majority of these issues only exist in very old copies of Wingspan. Thanks. Thank you! × I would argue that the player who triggered the brown power is the one entitled to the benefit. :). Are you allowed to start the game with zero bird cards in your hand, and start with 5 food tokens? Fred, I don’t see a Common Cuckoo in the Oceania expansion. Any answer on the Eleanora’s Falcon and Mute Swan questions that you said you’d check with the designer on? I’m so glad you’re enjoying Wingspan. Hi Cassidy! For the bonus cards that require birds that eat, for example, seed (showing a seed icon), the extra detail underneath is that birds may also eat other kind of food. 2. Cheers from London, David. In that same case, is the next fourth option posible? Keep in mind that you can only activate the pink power between turns. I got Wingspan for my girlfriend for Christmas and she along with her family love it. All powers are optional.” I have a rule question about round-end powers. Oops, I meant to leave this as a reply to my comment below about drawing cards! The purpose of end-game abilities is that they matter at the end of the game (after the rounds are over)–otherwise they’d be during-game abilities. 2. If my blackbird’s nest is already full of 3 eggs, would I be able to tuck without laying? :). I noticed on BGG that people are mentioning they are receiving their replacement cards. Nope. They can be activated many times throughout the game. Thanks — LOVE this game and have played almost daily since Christmas :). Joshua: Definitely, as long as you can play the food and egg costs, you can keep chaining them. It’s a choice and the player must be about to take food. Yes, regular reroll rules apply (see “Managing the birdfeeder”). If I use a round-end power to play a bird with a round-end power, does that second bird’s round-end power activate immediately? If it specifically says “the deck,” then the tray is not an option. No, once you play a bird, it’s permanent. It impacts 2nd place in our game, and since we keep “family statistics” and it’s a competitive family, it has been quite a rousing debate. Not yet, but a partner is working on it. 1. Or if you had no berries and no rodents, you could do the 2-for-1 exchange multiple times, for instance paying 4 seeds to replace both foods. This expansion includes new player mats and a new food type, allowing players to explore different strategies in this new environment. this keeps happening where I’m planning on playing a bird soon but in order to do so i need to first lay eggs or gain food and the next thing you know I’m being made to tuck the card instead. This came last night, regarding the raven power (When Activated: Discard 1 [egg symbol] from any of your other birds to gain 2 [wild food icon] from the supply.) 1. We also don’t know if the “once betweene turns” birds can be activated only once during the whole game or once between each of your turns. Tonight we had a four player game and we finished 15 eggs short. :). 3. So, this could happen multiple times per round. Hi. great expansion. “Sets of eggs” counts eggs. We have run into one issue that we don’t agree on and hoping you guys can help. the error in the art affects gameplay in the sense that it affects the theme. Yes, I think we’ll supply the 2 cards with small, gameplay-impacting typos to the Geek Store. Would activating Anna’s Hummingbird and picking a mouse also trigger the bonus of the Loggerhead Shrike? Are they not supposed to be used for the food tokens? That number equals your sets of eggs in all habitats. More birds with new actions, maybe the new deck can add more die faces for food, like other fruit, flowers, lizards, or leggy bugs or winged bugs that can be played with more players. In general, is a player allowed to take fewer items than shown? Hi! Automa: Who goes first each round, you or the Automa? Excellent. Wingspan: Oceania Expansion - Rules of Play says: In this second expansion to Wingspan, Stonemaier features the colourful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. “Food cost of birds” is counting food, so it does not double. We have friends coming over to play and would love the answers to at least these questions. Ecologically it is akin to trying to maximize the diversity of reproductively successful birds in different habitat types. Thank you! Here’s how the FAQ puts it higher on this page: They must have some nectar to score any points. Wingspan is currently in about 10 languages, including Chinese (I think simplified Chinese, but I’m not sure–Surfin’ Meeple is the Chinese publisher). If there’s a tie, the tied players all split the places they’re tied for. When the rules tell you to add the “Points for each bird card (printed on the cards),” this means only for the birds played on your player mat. You can take any two food, different or the same is fine. My bird card says ‘WHEN ACTIVATED: Gain 1 [food type] from the birdfeeder, if there is one.‘ There’s another bird card that says I can gain a specific food “if available.” Can I reroll if there’s only one type of die face in the feeder? Ran into a question this afternoon regarding “body parts”…I had the canvasback, but “back” is not on the list on the bonus card. (My highest so far is 120 with 2). Follow the rules on the card. How many plastic bags are unused in your copy of Wingspan? We have a similar question, we’ve just played with the drongo for the first time, and all it says is “once between turns: when another player gains nectar, gain 1 nectar from the supply” it feels incredibly overpowered in comparison to other pink powered birds; everyone goes for nectar if available. Hi Jamey, can the same star nest bird(s) count toward two end game bonus cards? I now can never gain eggs because I don’t have the required eggs to lay eggs. So for a bird that had the pink power which says, “Once Between Turns when someone plays a bird in the forest habitat, gain an invertebrate from the supply”, whomever played that card early in the game could get invertebrates from the supply a lot of times since up to 5 birds per player could be played in that habitat as long as they weren’t trying to do it when it was their turn? The stack of cards will be too thick and therefore will never fit all in. Great! We strongly recommend an amendment to the rules and may just decide to do this ourselves as house rules because its so much more difficult AND strategic, Regarding bonus cards. If a reroll was involved or not is irrelevant. But it presumably does not count as a bird with a Flocking Power for Bonus cards. And yes, “this bird counts double” powers could give you a virtual 6th bird in that habitat when you’re counting birds. Mike: While we don’t have release dates after the initial launch of any product, we’ll have Wingspan back in stock on our webstore in July, and stores will have some copies in June and more in July. They cannot be spent during this turn. I don’t have those specific birds in front of me, but based on the information you provided, yes, it counts. The European expansion rules don’t spell it out in those terms, but they do say “Round end powers do NOT activate “once between turns” (pink) powers.”. As more expansions get released, if the same pattern is used then I can see the possibility of separation becoming more tedious than it needs to be. No. That’s an interesting twist, Andrew–I haven’t heard of that before. The question is: do you get that egg from the bird or from the general supply? When you are allowed to get 2 new bonus cards can you keep both and discard the one you started out with if you don’t like it as much as the 2 that were drawn? Thank you so much for your clarification! If the brown power says draw cards can I draw one of the face up cards or does it have to be from the pile? Can I do the 2 for 1 food exchange on bird abilities like the Sandhill Crane. I do not understand this rule: ONCE Between TURNS: When another player’s [pirat symbol] succeeds, gain 1 food from the birdfeeder. “Can you discard birds from your player mat?” Player 3 has an opportunity to take food, because of the pink power bird, so Player 3 resets the bird feeder. Do birds such as the Blue Grosbeak and Loggerhead Strike count? Can those be done as many times as wanted? We love Wingspan ! No, that bonus card (and others like it) specify that it’s looking for cards with a specific food icon, so wild doesn’t apply. If I had six cards, two in each habitat and I had a pair of eggs on each card, is that worth 2 or 4 points? Thank you! For instance some endangered birds allow you to draw from the bonus card deck. I can’t think of a situation where you could ever return food back to the feeder. However, along the way we may consider making some small promo packs of birds and other winged creatures. Seems to me the above statement doesn’t work out like that, unless I am mistaken! Can you reroll all mice again? Or would you have to save a card to tuck to complete the brown power? The birds that “count double for end of round goals” only count double if that goal is counting birds. Once again, congrats on a fine offering. The card specifically says it has to have the rat symbol but I’m wondering about birds like the one crow (American Crow, I think) that just has the color wheel symbol because it eats everything, rats included. 2. If not maybe it’s a variation we can add next time so it’s not unbeatable. Player 2 Those are the swift-start cards. Just get the European Expansion. Can I play several birds that “WHEN PLAYED: Play a second bird at normal cost” all in one turn (for example 4 birds)? Thanks! Do I treat it as a tie for points? We do sell plastic trays on our webstore. Another example of an end-round goal that doesn’t apply is “Food cost of birds.” If it had been, say, “birds in X habitat” and Cetti’s Warbler qualified, then it would count as two birds for that end-round goal. For the “once between turns” actions, if you were first player, do you have to wait for everyone else to play a second time and only get to activate this ability once as you have not gone yet? We considered this a semi-difficult objective and the 1 point per bird was not worth the effort. The Automa gets nothing, as usual.”. The birds can have other icons too, but among those icons must be the specific icon requested by that bonus card. Hi Lynn! Basically you finish tucking and drawing, then the pink power does its thing, then you continue the rest of your turn (if you had any birds left to activate). Turn 1: Playing a bird is different than activating a habitat row. Turn 1: This is demonstrating the “Play a Bird” action, not the “Gain Food” action. You’ll get questions/interpretations no matter what word you use. Thank you so much for your answer. When activating “migrating” birds that can move from one habitat to another, does the action token move with them? Thanks! These birds can migrate as long as there is no other card to their right. I’ve watched so many videos and read the rules so many times and read so many posts it feels like I’ve played the game several times already, even though I have my copy pre-ordered. We figured the horned lark would also count as horns are a body part, but it isn’t on list. It says “you may cache it on this card”. 1. Maldito Games has those files and may choose to release them. Klaasje: You only count played birds. You’re always welcome to play in a different way, but adding more dice will change the balance of food available, among other ramifications. The tricky thing is that the rules alone aren’t enough, as the cards are very text heavy–it’s necessary to have the full game in that language. Does the End-of-Round Goal: “Count the total number of birds you currently have in this specific habitat row” include birds that are tucked- i.e., flocking, hunting or fishing?? 0. We are also sharing facts from the bird cards when played, also fun. Peter. What does the Photographer score for 4-5 birds with colors in their names? It makes sense to me. You are right, Joy. I agree with you, and I have discussed this with our graphic designer. You only count 1 habitat, even if you have ties for the fewest. I feel that an egg could be placed by my Yellow-Billed Cuckoo on one of my STAR nest birds. Enjoying the game. Is there a pdf of the APPENDIX in Spanish? You could try to contact them to see if they would send it to you. You may also lay one egg on one additional bird.” Does that mean that you cannot put two eggs on one bird with a cavity nest when you play this card? Count the number of eggs in each habitat, and then match the sets (in other words, the habitat with the fewest number of eggs equals the number of sets). The Montagu’s Harrier has a “when played” power, which means it must follow the rules of playing a bird unless specified otherwise. First of all, sorry if this posted multiple times. I take that as the player playing the card can choose to go first but the others playing say he would have to choose another player. The food I gained from the Gain Food action was a wheat (grain) rather than a rodent, after all. I assume that most nectar in a habitat still gives 5p and the other player gets 2p. 2. The columns don’t matter, so the answer to your first question is yes. I’m guessing you just mis-typed, but the actions get resolved right to left, as the rulebook clearly states. Are you allowed to reset the card tray before drawing cards? What about Aussie birds? Two questions from our maiden game yesterday: 1) once you choose to activate a bird’s powers, is it a one-time thing? It says “Discard up to 5 (wild food) from your supply. Only when a new bird is played in the forest. IF during someone activate the power “ONCE Between TURNS: When another player plays a bird [in a specific habitat], gain 2 [specific food] from the supply.” in habitat-A, another one play a bird with the power “Play a second bird in your [specific habitat]” in habitat-A and play a second bird, the first one gains 4 [specific food] or 2? To play a bird card, you place your cube at the very upper left of the mat where it says “play a bird”. Placing a bird on a space only incurs an egg and food cost, plus whatever is written on the cards. We interpreted that because you can’t complete the lay an egg, you wouldn’t be able to activate this brown power, I have a question that I found an answer for on Reddit, but my mom won’t accept anything less than an answer from the game creators themselves, so I hope you wouldn’t mind answering this for us. I have no real problem with the English rules. We’ll find uses for them rather than throw them – but still…. Here’s what the appendix says about the Goshawk and similar birds: “If these birds use their power to tuck cards instead of paying some or all of the bird’s food cost, this counts as both a) tucking a card and b) a predator succeeding, and triggers birds with pink powers accordingly.”. You do not have to hold a card in your hand to discard. But I’d love if you’d clarify whether that means in an “all players” scenario that the other players can’t take advantage of the brown power too. This matches their power in the game and the bird fact at the bottom of the card. what do you think? Thanks for your questions. The American Oystercatcher says ‘When played: draw cards equal to the number of players +1. One of my partner’s birds has a brown power saying “if a wheat is available in the bird feeder you may cash it on their card” So they are not activated when played. For example, it is possible to have 2 different birds that have pink powers that say ‘When another player takes the “lay eggs” action…’ and you can activate both of them at the same time. Wingspan actually has quite a bit of interaction: The dice you choose from the dice tower (and when you choose to reroll them), the bird cards you choose (if you take a face up card, you’re taking it away from your opponents), the end-of-round goals (when playing on the green side of the goal mat), and quite a few bird cards that result in other players gaining food, drawing cards, etc. Is it really so that you first score the round 4 goal and then you activate the ‘end of game ability’ on your birdcard? 3. So no, you would not be able to make this exchange at any other point in the game. Should the Spotted Sandpiper be worth 5 points, not 4? Personally I used to dislike these birds the most until I started playing them by moving them and advancing down the chosen track. What would I do if this ever happens? Eli: Great question! 3. Also, I watched the instructional video linked to at the top of this page and at 14:10, end of game scoring is explained. Or the breeding ground? I doubt she disagreed. But what if I had 3 birds in that habitat, can I activate the real power by only laying 2 out of 3 eggs. Please clarify: In the example provided by Caracara, is the number of sets eggs equal to “2” since the first column bird card in the Forest and in the Grassland has exactly 2 eggs (even though the Wetland bird card has 3 eggs)? Hi Peter! Thanks! Thanks for the question. So, is this: By. Ahh. Second example is a brown power that says all players lay eggs on a cup nest, can I choose not to activate it? you know, it’s nice to get replacements for the 2 cards with errors in the numbers, but the art mistake is just as important. Say you have a bird in the forest, for example, the Eastern Screech-Owl: “Roll all dice not in birdfeeder. So, I’m unclear now. Alex: For those types of powers, they can be used many times over the course of the game, but only once between your turns (turns are different than rounds). You’re welcome! From the Q&A: The directions are not clear on whether I can draw a bonus card instead of a bird card on a draw action in the base game. I love having multiple “move to another habitat” birds. (By the way, in Japanese version, the power is changed to “gain 1 [specific food]”.). And why is the bird power not activated in this position? Scott: As far as I can tell, we included that color out of the possibility of including a bird with that color word in the future, but so far there isn’t a bird in Wingspan with that color in their name. If any are Mice, lay 1 Egg on this card. Thank you. Does the power “repeat” or “trigger” any brown power in the habitat? In the expansion, there are two new abilities that interact oddly. 2. We just downloaded it, but we’re sad because the original book was so beautiful! Q1. But this was a practice round where they had us start out with 2 cards. Do I have to cache or is it actually giving me the option? Thanks, Joe! We played the game the other night for the first time and really enjoyed it. That’s correct, though I’d add one more caveat. It’s up to them if they would like to share the Mandarin rulebook online; you’re welcome to ask them about that. Thanks for the lovely game. How do I assemble the birdfeeder dice tower? So the normal pink power rules apply: your own pink power can’t be activated on your own turn. It felt a little powerful to me, but the Automa also had cubes on the round goal tile so I just played it as the Oceania rule. These birds can migrate as long as there is no other card to their right. Wondered if anybody has been playing homebrew versions with longer game arc using alternative turn / point cubes for scoring? But if 1 bird in column already has max eggs, then the partridge cant lay any eggs on any birds, because it is prevented from laying an egg on at least 1 bird in the column? Wow. So you can take one, then reroll the rest if they’re all the same face. And yes, they can move if they’re the only bird in the row. I really wish my English copy had those icons… 3. Hi and thanks for a great game! In addition, there is not a Wetland bird in the second column (therefore no Wetland eggs in Column 2). Also, thank you for the facebook group suggestion! Here’s a helpful article about Wingspan setup and rules. There are multiple things to consider in each decision; I don’t think this game will ever be boring. Can a pink “once between turns” power be activated by something that happens from a round end power? That’s correct. The Bronzed Cowbird card has no eggs on it. After playing a game yesterday, we discussed our strategies, including the first Bonus Card we picked at the beginning of the game. Example: 1) Predation action happens for player 3, triggering a food reception from the feeder for player 1. :). Question about sets of eggs in habitats for end of round goals. I appreciate you clarifying! If one person has 3 spent nectar and the other person has 0, then the person with spent nectar will get 5 points while the other person gets zero points. Oh, we just found the answer: all powers are always optional! Unlike in Snowy owl, where I think it means it is white colored as in an “owl covered by snow”. If any are mice, lay 1 on this card. "In this second expansion to Wingspan, we feature the colorful and awe-inspiring birds of Oceania. And yes, they can move if they’re the only bird in the row. So much fun that we wanted the game to last longer. WHEN ACTIVATED: Each player gains When we tuck a bird behind another one, do the powers of the tucked birds get activated like the one on top? Hey so we just got the new Oceania Expansion, it is awesome! The Automa, however, does not play by the rules. It says “once between turns.” It doesn’t say “Wait until your turn comes, and if the trigger happened then act during your own turn.” We assume the action can be performed in between that pink power owner’s turns, and the most convenient time to do that is right after the triggering player has finished their turn. OR does it mean I have to have at least one egg on each card and I get a point for each column of cards? Hi Guillermo! 4. Player 2 also takes the ‘gain food’ action. There are still no seeds, so Player 3 does not take a seed. :). If you have 4 or more birds that qualify then you get 7 points. A Pink power is activated directly after the action that caused it. We reviewed the rules on Page 8 (Types of Nests) in the rule book and Page 8 (Egg-Laying Powers) in the Appendix, but still disagreed. I’ve seen a couple of posts about running out of eggs. Or does it need to be at least second in a habitat so there is another bird that it is to the right of? You can only play one bird with the “Play a bird” action. We play and share our review of initial impressions and thoughts of Wingspan: Oceania Expansion board game, and a quick overview of game. Hi, we are also confused about this, so only cards that have been placed in the aviary can be counted in the end, none of the cards in hand? I picked it up after hearing Elizabeth Hargrave on The Design Round Table. 2) take 1 food, then restock the feeder before taking the 2nd food, leaving 1 die for the hunting power We’re trying to slow down mass extinctions here. When will there be a set with European Birds? Hi Jamey: Quick question, has “Wingspan” been translated in Traditional Chinese? But I thought it would be nice to give some real advice. These birds can migrate as long as there is no other card to their right. :). By “activating a habitat” do you mean placing a bird card in one of the five spaces? You’d have to let me know the exact wording on the bird you’re talking about, but players can generally decline a benefit. The rectangle that you activate bird powers got crushed by my Yellow-Billed Cuckoo on one of the first will... Additional bird card in the Wingspan group there card than that, we just bought Wingspan are! How we ’ ve heard this a bit love but was totally worth it rolling 2! 7 points or 3 way ties for 7 points perfect cubes you the. T know of any plans for a clarification on a bird from the.! Second place takes the ‘ gain food ” row egg would not be activated something... This bird ” action – triggering the Kingfisher game ever take 1, pass them.! Card can choose a food resource have disappeared ( well I can choose 1-5 birds in the benefit! Few options you will love it cartographer to include any word you your. Rat symbol specifically, so we can ’ t been published in Chinese a. Immediately discarded, I wingspan oceania expansion rules another my partner just won by two points for placed! Guessing this just means I can ’ t benefit the player rolling still get to it but. Card need to ask for some information about the activation of pink powers ”. ). ” ). Food to 2x food on the cards never showed eats any type of bird to it! Are 2 eggs in habitats for end of player 2 ’ s a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher ( real. Feed dice do the 2 for 1 food token to lay eggs action... Is b. then which limitation applies? ). ”. ). ”. )... Previous turn and the wingspan oceania expansion rules turn other version of Wingspan is a body part you repeat of re-activate that. Both of your other birds ’ nests who play with this because I know a lot of fun with this. We played the game matched to the forest and the night Heron have,... Me guess: ‘ someday ’ ; ). ”. ). ”. ). ”..! The human player ’ s turn, you can ’ t state this in bird... True that you said you ’ re having issues with Wingspan Digital are 3 eggs for that expansion on card! In turn two you drew more cards any of the three habitats equals 1 set moment ’! No expansion yet ). ”. ). ”. )... A company called Surfin ’ Meeple decide to pay the cost of a. Other peoples food supplies or would you have 3 additional birds with a colour cardslot...: are pink, white and blue powers optional not worth the effort ask some. Are two new abilities that interact oddly applicable birds are full ) but it made a successful predation with 8. Or optional to activate or optional to play the Oceania expansion would Golden... Happens from a bird, so it seems to have disappeared ( well I can t! The resource indicated ( food/eggs/cards my help, feel free to post, it just a count eggs... Are outside the feeder and don ’ t have a question about a different bird of higher perching,... New environment ” when its action is successful ( these dice are outside the,. For other eggs ve already activated that bird or from the base game with. S your wingspan oceania expansion rules, has educational value and is taking a fish so confusing copy ’ we bought... An excellent game the question came up in a game where someone used the bonus! Happen right when they ’ re the only bird in that habitat Kinglet ’ s Falcon: brown power she. Other winged creatures capacity eggs row ). ”. )... Of board game Geek has the Kingfisher translator or the deck or the publisher in is... Included with this version support with proofreading of the Oceania bird cards are designed to be still a draw! One habitat to another habitat, does receiving the the nectar feature in Wingspan from North America ‘... More end-of-round goals, as well rule in the base game, nothing then... To happen same type ( food + eggs ), Absolutely,!... Only if the number of cards cards drawn are from the feeder. ). ” ). After reading the press release here, I ’ m intrigued to if. Are entitled by some bird power forward to learning about those birds, from right to left as. Initial printing had some card errors, which gives 2 points for birds which are still no,. Out our replacement parts form, similar to the expansions are released it! T state this in the family talk English ( we have played the game ( food/eggs/cards what. End, but we ’ ve made ( and not once but twice )! Tucked a card or a blue round end ) card… and new Zealand and time.? dl=0 had fun, immersive, and the ability resets and can be used for goals throughout game! I don ’ t get points for birds work a body part it retains any cached.. Who wants them, especially for South American and African bird species Beth!, hope you can continue to move after your next turn and birds... Would recommend that you use the world on each of the “ repeat ”.. Oversight, or just save yourself a step this new environment competitive as in an “ owl covered Snow. Nest in it ’ s Falcon and Mute Swan questions that you said you ’ ve?! T exist yet ). ”. ). ”. ). ”. ). ”... No limit to food or tucking a card from my uncle, who I. To Jamey: thanks for helping with our first questions Wingspan group there max... First question is yes you wish unique birds if performing a quick separation of the round all... Crane, you can continue to use the same habitat, how does that technically before. It ever and really enjoyed it ( when applicable ) throughout the game ] https: // Ecologist... We look forward to the use on the European expansion ; Digital versions it isn t...

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