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200 times. The removal was done by the scientist who in Chapter 12 is revealed as the Crimson Ghost (thus exposing his identity for those who remember his action or who rewind and watch the chapter again at a later time). Chapter 10 - The Trap That Failed. A criminal mastermind known as The Crimson Ghost is out to steal a device called the Cyclotrode, which can short-circuit all electrical current on the planet. And with that fake coloring that was the fad in the early ’90s. The serial format can be a bit rushed and disjointed when watched in succession from scene-to-scene like a film. Quotes ... her 1990 movie Ghost, ... film Witness, and then went on to appear in some highly acclaimed films including The Indian Runner, Carlito's Way, Crimson Tide, Daylight, Psycho and A Walk on the Moon. (1) “The Purple Monster Strikes” (1945, 15 chapters): Arch movie serial “bad guy” Roy Barcroft played the title role as solo visitor to Earth from Mars as the advance guard explorer of a planned invasion.For some reason, Mars had perfected a one-man rocket plane that could fly to Earth, but they lacked the technology to start … Steam profile. Starring: I. Stanford Jolley, Clayton Moore, Linda Stirling, Charles Quigley. Crimson Ghost himself always will always looks great and iconic but he is also a great villian. His early career consisted of modeling, being a stuntman and various bit parts in serials and film. Reviews 1; Discussions 0; l. A review by litescameraction Written by litescameraction on August 21, 2020. Matches history; User profiles; Logs.tf profile. Soundtracks. Chapter 11 - Double Murder. Explore the lodge and its environs to evaluate the diamond claim, and maybe solve a mystery or two along … This was Witney's last serial, after a career that left him one of the most praised of all serial directors. When The Crimson Ghost was unmasked in the 12th and final … One of the most entertaining serials to be released by Republic Pictures, this mystery employed yet another inscrutable invention, a counter atomic device known as Cyclotrode X, sought after by yet another cloaked villain, The Crimson Ghost of the title. In Chapter 1 a captured henchman dies when the control band on his neck is removed. With Charles Quigley, Linda Stirling, Clayton Moore, I. Stanford Jolley. | Television's future Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, played a rare villainous role in this serial as one of the Crimson Ghost's This was Witney's last serial, after a career that left him one of the most praised of all serial directors. In order to prevent the audience deducing the identity of the Crimson Ghost, the studio cast stunt-man Bud Geary to embody the villain while several actors supplied the voice, including I. Stanford Jolley. The Crimson Ghost does a fairly good job of feeling more like a fluid film than feeling like chapters of an episodic television show mashed together. Another actor dubbed Jolley's character's response on the radio. 100. Directed by: Fred C. Brannon, William Witney. Chapter 3 - The Fatal Sacrifice. The Crimson Ghost (1946) is a Republic film serial directed by Fred C. Brannon and William Witney with Charles Quigley and Linda Stirling playing the leads. The Crimson Ghost: Argentina: Peligro atómico: Brazil: O Espírito Escarlate: Greece (transliterated title) Atomikos polemos: India (English title) The Crimson Ghost: Mexico: El peligro atómico: Portugal: O Fantasma do Homem Diabo: Spain: The Crimson Ghost: UK: The Crimson Ghost: USA (TV title) Cyclotrode X: USA (working title) The Scarlet Shadow: West Germany: Der Mann mit … Linda Stirling. The Crimson Ghost. Finally, a fourth actor played the Crimson Ghost's alter ego. In 1949 he would become synonymous with The Lone Ranger when he landed the role of the masked vigilante in the TV series of the same name; the show lasted 8 years (with Clayton playing the … Er kommuniziert über Radiofunk. The car crash cliffhanger in Chapter 1, is used next in. It's simple, efficient and fast-moving, with a solid cast of performers including fan-favorite Linda Stirling and Clayton Moore, on hiatus from the Lone Ranger TV show, who as Ash is an effectively dangerous right-hand henchman to the caped fiend who dominates the story. Directed by Fred C. Brannon, William Witney. The studio took no chances this time and ingeniously cast stunt-man Bud Geary to embody the villain while several actors supplied the voice, including I. Stanford Jolley, whose role was minor but who received fourth-billing and was therefore highly suspect. The Crimson Ghost User profiles and matches history. Award … Anne Bancroft . "Der Crimson Ghost ist ein Verbrecher, dessen Identität niemandem bekannt ist. The Crimson Ghost drives a 35 Packard. Chapter 9 - Blazing Fury. Another actor dubbed Jolley's character's response on the radio. Goofs | 0. See more ideas about ghost, vintage horror, classic horror. Chapter 2 - Thunderbolt. Criminologist Professor Duncan Richards goes into action to stop a criminal mastermind known as The Crimson Ghost who is … Cast. The Crimson Ghost was budgeted at $137,912, although the final negative cost was $161,174 (a $23,262, or 16.9%, overspend). Spoilers (1) Bud Gearywore the robes of the Crimson Ghost, but the voice that came out of the stationary skeletal mouth was that of I. Stanford Jolley, who was billed fourth in the cast. Before directing The Crimson Ghost, he had directed Daughter of Don Q, released in 1946, King of the Forest Rangers (1946), The Phantom Rider (1946), The Purple Monster Strikes (1945).Since, Fred C. Brannon directed Son … Charles Quigley as Duncan Richards; Linda Stirling as Diana Farnsworth; Clayton Moore as Ashe; I. Stanford Jolley as Doctor Blackton & Voice of the Crimson Ghost

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