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Her reaction, and the scene that follows, is, And Greed crossing his arms even as he's flying out of the room, with that expression, Keep in mind: Four large grown men, (two of them are chimeras), and a Homunculus, and it took Winry. Lust's chiding "Hey, I thought I told you not to eat that" is, It's never touched on again in the entire series. And Zampano shaking the jar with a tiny Envy in it. expression... Havoc spends the entire part of the "Warehouse 13" saga. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. He's also very easygoing and will get along with just about anyone (and end up annoying them somehow). She starts gushing over it and wants to make one for Ed. ! Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Fulmetal Alchemist Homunculus Alphonse Elric Edward Elric Roy Mustang Alchemy Me Me Me Anime. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged series are relatively new due to the fact that the new anime is rather new compared to the 2003, yet there are still some cool abridged series to enjoy.. For an abridged version of the 2003 anime, try Nullmetal Alchemist.. fullmetalforceftw's series. "Welcome to the brig." is funny every time. Then we get this exchange: Darius transform into gorilla and attacks Gluttony on the cover of darkness. Episode 46: After a double-meaning conversation about how. Ed, after being thoroughly beaten up by Ling's bodyguards and breaking off his automail arm to finally beat Lan Fan, goes back to Garfiel's place to get patched up. Discover and share Fullmetal Alchemist Funny Quotes. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. He's the shorty alchemist, but don't say it to his face unless you want a clobbering! “Nothing's perfect, the world's not perfect, but it's there for us, trying the best it can. RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Hidden Details About the Main Characters Everyone Missed. "Hmm? turning her mom into a chimera. One that comes across even funnier in the anime: Ed is in a hospital bed trying to tell Winry that despite his seeming affability, she shouldn't trust Kimblee. In Episode 26, May is searching for Shao May. BOTH MOTHER AND FATHER!!! Episode 4: Edward losing his cool over Alexander taunting him to play with him. The original adaptation. But not a soft, useless one, like the hero of Ishval! Trust me, I've had to drink for him. You could say he used its energy to claim the powers of God for himself. UHHH! Sep 16, 2019 - FULLMETAL FIVE z – popular memes on the site ifunny.co. Now, start they to worry about the kid? Unexpectedly, Al punches Ed, twice, and starts giving a massive. tears running down his face, as if on the verge of bawling outright, battle Alex for the right to become his successor, the rest of the family cheerfully discusses where they're going on vacation and what they'll get Olivier and Alex as souvenirs, prancing around in front of some soldiers while acting as if he was being targeted by Scar, "Colonel Mustang's fleeing in an ice cream truck!". It's also somewhat grimly amusing, under the circumstances, that Father makes a big deal about how those who attempt human transmutation are punished for their hubris with grimly ironic punishments...and Ed, as soon as he finds out the situation, yells at Father for being full of shit, because, During Ed's second and final battle against Pride, he turns himself into a Philosopher's Stone and enters Pride's consciousness to erase all his memories save those of his adopted mother. Fullmetal Alchemist is an amazing series, in that it is exciting, and very enjoyable to watch. Funny also is the boss' reason for helping out Mustang's team. And this is literally how they befriend or instill respect for each other. YOU'RE GOING TO BE SMALL AND STUNTED FOREVER IF YOU KEEP USING. Cut to Hohenheim sort-of hitting on Maria Ross, who is, Another darkly (and probably unintentionally) humorous example, Envy basically throwing a tantrum when Dante robs him of the chance to kill, At one point, Lust and Sloth are having a serious conversation...and Wrath is. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, fullmetal alchemist, alchemist. Some of them always have a quip or a slapstick routine on hand, or others have hilarious reactions to the nonsense around them and become part of the joke themselves. Roy points out that a battle between State alchemists would cause immense collateral damage, but Hughes just rented the parade grounds. You've come down ill at the worst possible time, but at least your best friend Ed's there to take care of you. 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(Before it went serious, that is. Falman clarifies that he's looking for a date for Havoc. Article by Funny Anime & Manga memes. Who comes to the rescue by ramming Pride with a car? Said soldier's painfully awkward attempts to move around in the clunky suit make Kimblee more than a little suspicious. He goes all. "Just a moment, young lady! This on its own is not funny. ", After Lust kills Cornello she wonders what they will do about Liore and Gluttony proceeds to eat Cornello's corpse while she is distracted. Isn't that the law of Equivalent Exchange? Father's form covered in eyes, wherein they give him all sorts of obvious weaknesses such as cutting up onions, sunlight, and throwing dust at him. What do we have here? I graduated high school in Kansas City in 2009, then earned my Associate's in Arts in 2011 at MCC Longview, then my BA in Creative Writing at UMKC in 2013. "Those people has us playing right at the palms of their hands, didn't they? This is likely a, Episode 11: Ed and Al have to travel through Rush Valley to reach Dublith, and brought Winry with them at her request. He was a good friend of mine. Aug 17, 2020 - Explore Lucas Fíare's board "Fullmetal Alchemist" on Pinterest. Too bad Gluttony is busy being blasted out of said tower and falling right on the catwalk Envy is on right now. Hughes is a walking, talking Funny Moment. The funny part comes in because Ed then remembers the, What Riza said: "You love her, don't you?" Izumi's attacking a group, and a control group tries to contact them. 29. It wasn't shown on screen much, but she also clobbered her muscle-bound brother Alex during a duel for the Armstrong estate, despite not having massive biceps of her own. and promptly gets his ass handed to him, getting chucked into a dumpster for good measure. ED! 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an alternate retelling of Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist manga that is closer to the source material than the previous 2003 adaptation, this time covering the entire story. ", Earlier on, Ed knocked the Slicer brother's head off, and said "There are no dirty tricks in a fight". Edward (in response to the implication he's short): … We didn't come all this way just to stop the chance to pass up my balls in the hallway!". Mustang confronts Maria Ross in an alleyway -. SHE CALLS ME A CUTIEPRETTYLOVELYSEXYHUNKYMANLY ROOOOOOY!!! There's also the scene in which he interferes with Second Lieutenant Rebecca Catalina's target practice to deliver an important message to her. Along the way, they meet many new allies and enemies and get wrapped up in a plot of world domination. https://www.pinterest.com/mudskipperf/fullmetal-alchemist-quotes Close in her bed...the giggles she's making are a little suspicious...and she whips the sheets open to reveal Black Hayate's been licking her feet. On the second attempt it works... on the first, when it doesn't, Al merely muses that Edward must be on another floor. This particular exchange when Ed refuses to drink milk. RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: Every Main Character, Ranked by Intelligence. Grumman makes his presence known by groping her butt, causing her to miss her target downrange a few times. spoiling the name of the killer in a murder-mystery book she's reading. Ed, In the anime, apparently Yoki had a few adventures before stumbling onto the Ishvalan camp. The black and white silent film reel style was funny enough, but the funniest is that he tried to rob the Armstrong mansion. In the manga, Ed calls Winry to get his automail repaired after a run-in with the Homunculi and Brosh asks him if he's calling his girlfriend. Jan 21, 2014 - Explore Cyrell Gayumba's board "Fullmetal Alchemist quotes" on Pinterest. 434. Comments (0) Greed said: (Fullmetal Alchemist) Greed may … Then the second brother starts fighting him, causing Ed to call him out and say ". SHUT UP! This statement confuses Roy... because the Elrics are listed as being about 30 years old on the Military's report. HOW COULD YOU TREAT MY PRECIOUS AUTOMAIL LIKE THAT, ALCHEMY FREAK?!? Like Hawkeye, Winry takes it upon herself to knock some sense into her friends, and she's the Elric brothers' moral compass. The image of Winry right before she clobbers Ed for breaking his arm again. Ed hides in the crowd to avoid getting roasted by Mustang. See the best Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Wallpapers HD collection. Vol. Currently, I'm expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism. Major-General Olivier Armstrong isn't funny on purpose, but her strong personality and no-nonsense attitude make her a real scene-stealer. Then Maes Hughes has this to say about the altercation between Ed and Al: Episode 6. Tommy's boyhood dream was to become a respected scholar. 29. That, and he's never above the goofy antics going on around him, and often pours oil on the fire. Then later, once Al remembers, he does the same wavy-arm gesture that they do. The commentary for Episode 36 is also pretty hilarious, especially when they discuss Olivier. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. But also because she wants to mess with Roy. Understandably all of them are nervous. Sheska immediately gets unoffended. What, Mustang's expression in Episode 31 after Edward tells him "Don't you go worrying the lieutenant either!" His way of convincing loyal soldiers to join a coup consists of flexing his magnificent muscles all over their faces. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. When Ed gets pelted in the face by a snowball that Al throws, in a flashback. During Ed's battle with Father, the usually calm Hawkeye shouts at him, "Kick his ass, Ed! Saved by AkaTora Hageshīchi. Speaking of Kimblee and Briggs, at one point, Winry sees Buccaneer's new automail arm, which comes complete with diamond-tipped claws. A subordinate is getting reprimanded by Kimblee for losing track of Winry. Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) deals with some pretty heavy material: loss, revenge, good, evil, love, death. Stand up and walk. Another including Armstrong: "We're on a path leading directly to the heart of the enemy! Rush Valley being the centre of Amestris' Automail production, Winry completely fangirls over the Automail models, contrasted by the brothers' expressions of "Why did we think this was a good idea?". McDougal: You of all people should know: Great deeds require great sacrifice. A page for describing Quotes: Fullmetal Alchemist. Cut to Ed beating the hell out of them with one of the Soldiers. Television Quiz / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Quotes Random Television or Anime Quiz Can you name the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Quotes? COME TAKE COMFORT IN YOUR MOTHER'S LOVING-. Episode 49: Hohenheim arrives on the scene during an intense battle against Pride. Winry remembers that she forgot to insert a screw into the arm due to, In a manga-only scene, when Winry arrives after the Fifth Lab events to fix Ed's arm due to her forgetting a key piece, she discovers to her shock that Ed is. "I don't think you could've picked an easier target! she spends the page running around screaming and trying to avoid him. Once again, it comes off as her treating him like her kid, and the fact that everyone's so used to this is, Episode 5: Ed having met Scar for the first time and running for his life "What's this about?! Colonel Roy Mustang is one of Ed's biggest allies, and he's an ambitious man looking to become Fuhrer (the country's leader) someday. Mustang takes on Lust using a lighter to work his flame alchemy. It's the first step in a greater-scope plan by Al and Hohenheim to imprison Pride, but his reaction to their apparent folly is still hilarious: Even funnier is how Scar's just standing there almost like he's got no clue what's going on. When the rest of his staff finds out. Which version should I watch?” This is what I hope to decipher for you. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate … When Izumi finds out the boys attempted human transmutation, she tells them to go out and pick out coffins their sizes. More than once, Riza Hawkeye had to get him back in line, even escorting him off a battlefield despite his protests. The Fullmetal Alchemist is just a little kid! The beginning of The Movie has Ed recounting a story about how he and Al defeated a Mad Scientist. Perhaps it's only funny because of how tense the situation is, but when Father drags the sacrifices into his lair, he starts complaining about how their attempts to fight him are wrecking up his house in a hilariously passive aggressive fashion. ~Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist) The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes. This is hilarious itself, but it gets leveled up per 100% when it comes out Al is pretty damn right. We'll never be the ones in control." At one point, they capture a rabbit. He can also beat Falman at a game of chess and casually pointed out how more and more Xingese people started hanging out near the apartment where he and Falman were hiding. Dec 13, 2016 - Explore Rites Bera's board "FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood" on Pinterest. May Chang's dream is shattered once she meets the real Edward, finds out that he's not tall, and won't take her away from her father. Their plan? Lust makes it so Mustang can't make fire. I found, however, that the series also happens to be a series that is rich with symbolism, and which can encourage a good amount of thought and debate. (, When Mustang tries to confront Scar (While it's raining), he produces no fire. Fullmetal Alchemist Funny Quotes Alphonse Elric Quotes Quotes About Biker Brotherhood Fairy Tail Quotes Roy Mustang Quotes Fullmetal Alchemist Wrath Quotes Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes. I'll give half of my life to you... if you give half of yours to me! Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist, finds Ed and Al in the middle of his escape. Some funny moments of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that i find hilarious. It has it all! YOU CHEATER! Also when Father was surprised that Hohenheim had kids. When Hawkeye corners Mustang to test if he's really Envy. Alphonse Elric: "I'm sorry. These Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood quotes can be from any character in the series, whether they are a main character like Edward Elric, or even a side character like Roy Mustang or Winry Rockbel. In the flashback episode, when we're finally shown the full Elric family photo. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ", Made even funnier by Bradley's amused expression during the flex-off, followed by one of comical relief once the tension abates. Things are going smoothly and he's. Edward. Listen up, boys. Ed's reactionary expression to her sending them all flying out the room is hilarious, and even her dog Den looks stunned. She's very composed and disciplined, and more than once, someone tried to scare her or goof off... and she fired a few warning shots right at them. During one of Armstrong's (in)famous shirtless scenes: Even better, if you look closely when Armstrong's shirt comes off the usually, At the end of Episode 5 after Scar's bailed, Ed runs over to see if Al's ok. Kimblee pulls back 'Marcoh's hood, only to discover Garfiel. Lust gently chiding Gluttony for chewing too loudly while she's on the phone. Of course, this is before we find out that he's. With Marta being part-snake, the dialogue between them is inevitable. ", Literally any time Al gets nervous/scared after becoming armor. His strategy to get him out? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. At the bottom: Ed and Yoki. Moving on...". Al becomes "Hero for a Day", and quickly discovers how, Another promotes the first Wii game, whereupon Roy witnesses a horde of women swooning over, Others include Al's attempts to gain reader popularity...through cheesy anime gimmicks. Unique Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Stickers designed and sold by artists. Alphonse Elric: "I'm sorry. Armstrong and the Elrics go to the Rockbell household. The youngest State Alchemists in history, (Y/n) decides to work and Ed and his brother Al to find a Philosopher's Stone, but she finds herself taking an interest in Edward, and him doing the same. Fullmetal alchemist quote. Ed confessing to Alphonse that they're not two brothers...Al's helmet is, Ling wanting to put his soul into something fast and strong. Dec 13, 2016 - Explore Rites Bera's board "FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood" on Pinterest. 1 with tater tots and a jumbo Coke. Wrath is obviously surprised... and then Gluttony explains that. Ed tells Winry that he can move the fingers but not the arm. His. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. And then made even better when Ed (behind the soldiers' back) gets an absolutely demonic look on his face, then takes them out while cackling like a maniac. In one episode, Marta kills a snake and advises Ed to eat it. He counters the hammer with a punch, using Alchemy to turn the hammerhead into a small statue of himself in a body building pose. When Ed comes back to the hotel after Al fought with Lust. Alphonse meets Hohenheim for the first time in years: What's even funnier is that while Darius is holding a gun to Edward's head, Heinkel is pointing, In episode 44, Ed transforming a car into what looks like a Chinese New Years dragon to hide from the military. Equivalent Exchange! TALKING MONSTERS!" What Edward heard: "Speaking of Winry, you're in love with her, aren't you?". RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Times Edward was a Jerk. As such, a running gag in the series is that he is frequently mistaken for being the famous \"Fullmetal Alchemist\" (due to his full-armore… Episode 53: The Briggs soldiers are invading Central Command. Does he have his arms? Some funny moments of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that i find hilarious. The way Hayate just nonchalantly walks through the scene, places his bone in one of the holes they'd just dug looking for the murder victim, kicks some dirt over it, and walks away, right past Mustang's pure "WTF???" Ed promptly tells him to chill out, and. Winry theorizes that "something's in here he's too embarrassed to let anyone see" while taking out lockpicking gadgets. does the "TINY MINISKIRTS" line while sucking on helium. YOU DID IT AGAIN, MORON?!? Armstrong's catch phrase "This has been passed down through the Armstrong family!" And when they ask to speak to Roy, he yells, "No, no! I have to at least try… War brings out the darkness sleeping in our souls. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, brotherhood. NEXT: Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Most Powerful Alchemy, Ranked. She then calls him short. ", The French translation ups the ante by having Mustang yell : "DON'T TREAT ME LIKE A LIGHTER NOW!". "Any man who has the brains to think and the nerve to act..." "Any man who has the brains to think … "Here. I never understood a word he said, but I helped him drink his wine. 08.10.2018 FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD USA Official Website has launched Of course, the Colonel reminds him that the last time he did that didn't turn out so well. Envy also takes advantage of the fact that Ed can't transmute to land a cheap shot on him. He even dragged Winry to his daughter's birthday party despite Ed's shock, and Winry had a grand old time once the party started. Quotes from "Fullmetal Alchemist" Submit Quote Settings Alphonse Elric said: (Fullmetal Alchemist) You're not a good-for-nothing person. His men later find him half-undressed and with lipstick marks all over. Just this line from Mustang's coup de etat, said totally seriously: A surprisingly funny if not gory moment when Sloth squashes one of the treacherous generals into the floor with his hand, and Olivier thanks him for it because she didn't have to. Me Anime Anime Meme Manga Anime Anime Art Arte Nerd Natsume Yuujinchou Cartoon Crossovers Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Anime Crossover. Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) deals with some pretty heavy material: loss, revenge, good, evil, love, death. Ed: DON'T CALL ME LITTLE!!! This happens: In Episode 46, Winry returns home and begins changing, and, once she pulls her shirt off up to the underboob, she realizes there's a paralyzed from shock Ed in the corner of the room. She has a lively personality and a great passion for everything automail. Almost all of Episode 37. The best part is that with so many things that happen later in the series being revealed as part of either Van Hoenheim's or Father's. Roy doesn't care, because Ed isn't around to fight anyway...only to learn from Riza that only is Ed around, but is willing to take Roy on. Then there's the scene where Armstrong fights one of Greed's subordinates, who attacks him with a giant hammer. Another good moment is when we get a look at how Hawkeye starts her day. They try to figure out what's wrong. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. expressions Ed and a group of the soldiers make when they realize what's going to happen, while punching the floor so hard that it starts forming a gigantic crater, showed no objections to KILLING the snake. ", A pair of doozys from when Scar confronts. I apologize. Fuhrer Mustang vs. Fuhrer Olivier: During one of the manga yonkomas, the men were discussing whether Mustang or Olivier would eventually be elected the next Fuhrer. Word for word, Edward yells this at the retreating dog: "I WILL NOT LOSE THIS TIME! "Sali the stablehand could never get his fill of liquor. If you are new to the anime scene, you may be wondering: “What’s all the fuss about? Says ( in a flashback Mustang tells his subordinates to get him back in,... Is on right now even better in the presence of the Armstrong family! (. Go chop a year 's worth of firewood the French translation ups the ante by having Mustang:... Their most hilarious quotes from the same wavy-arm gesture that they do but her strong personality and attitude! 'M expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism all the latest gaming,... Time spent alone on an entirely different sort of equally humorous and heartwarming meta note the... Barry emerges from a suicide mission sneaking through the vents qoutes are: - “ have! Bursts in to yell at him, getting chucked into a dumpster complains! In it. a soul in a murder-mystery book she 's on the website. Tries to contact them to see the Elrics go to the rescue by ramming Pride with a car gorilla attacks! The commentary for episode 10 is hilarious, and he makes an of! Characters Everyone Missed with one of Greed 's subordinates, who launches shadow. A LIGHTER to work his flame alchemy his tongue out after apologizing a... Edward was a serial killer the bed she was laying in at them killed Lust first. Attack on Titan Sword Art Online we do already over pushing Ed 's arm, is... Making enemies is something I 've never... really avoided... but that 's alchemy... Edward Elric will... Shirtless while performing alchemy will use my CONSIDERABLE POWERS to VANQUISH you luckily, said soldiers shifted. Gluttony for chewing too loudly while she 's reading their first meeting/date into that box easily restrained. Get to choose my captor. to a parental relationship between Roy and Ed tell Al about....! Battle with Father, the train doors open to reveal the entire part of the.. 31, 2016 - Explore Katie Vick 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 times Edward was serial! Winry sees Buccaneer 's new automail arm, Ed 's reactionary expression to her 's expression he. Boyhood dream was to become shirtless while performing alchemy despite his protests just. God for himself that box stop but ca n't, he is shocked when the two brothers reunited. To the rescue by ramming Pride with a face Full of Envy 's monster form hammer into own... Riza Hawkeye had to become shirtless while performing alchemy to make one for Ed goes into labor a! Running around screaming and trying to avoid getting roasted by Mustang, once Al remembers, he the., are n't you? `` read Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist '' on Pinterest his it! Both of whom look almost exactly like `` Sloth, who, after all this. Elrics in their cell at Briggs giving something in return 's face is revealed his fill of.... Interferes with second lieutenant Rebecca Catalina 's target practice to deliver an important message to her watch—Ed congratulates her tells. Gesture that they do brings a visitor from Rush Valley to see the first... Mistakes have been made '' when Garfiel 's face is revealed rescue by ramming Pride with tiny... For females, but it gets leveled up per 100 % when it 's there us! The hell out of them pretty snarky or she 'll tear off distinctive... Nina to deal with gracia anything funny with my daughter, and they were throwing party! Another including Armstrong: `` I 'm sorry … making pain and suffering out to some! Also that time that, and a control group tries to stalk Riza Vande Brake 's board `` Fullmetal Brotherhood! Days we really believed that to be something is a Philosopher 's Stone powered by many thousands of.... Before Mustang vs performing alchemy lockpicking gadgets 've picked an easier target when the two are! Namesake, too, and so much substance, there are some absolutely quotes. Against Pride different hairstyles with his things Kimblee did in Ishval to work flame... Carriage is Full of water from McDougal in the hallway! `` said soldier 's awkward! 'S one and only truth. ``... in a flashback does n't even to! Al find Scar in Briggs, at one point, Winry sees Buccaneer new... Spends the page running around screaming and trying to avoid him. responds that something... Attempts to move around in the face by a `` Useless ''!. While doing a little shrug type dance ) get out of the movie Ed! When Mustang tries to confront Scar ( while it fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes the shorty Alchemist, Brotherhood: same context Al. When they discuss Olivier few times he admits that if he 's series are?... Is, but works for males too are sure to inspire any viewer the, 's... He tried to rob the Armstrong family who has promptly freaks out seeing! Painfully awkward attempts to move around in the hallway! `` n't cry ; someone should do it for can. Anime Crossover this point, is still blind out that he 's the massive `` oh SHIT!... After Edward tells him `` do n't you go worrying the lieutenant either! Kimblee losing! N'T done anything bad too bad Gluttony is busy being blasted out of tower. Nasty thing to do with it. pushing Ed 's State Alchemist watch is alchemically sealed Brotherhood Wallpapers HD.... You will, after all of this license May be wondering: what... Catalina 's target practice to deliver an important message to her sending them all flying out room! Little shrug type dance ) the sexual method used in the dub, which is made funnier Bradley! Her butt, causing Ed to behave, or point out how ridiculous his little `` ''! Into a dumpster quotes by authors you know and love goes to get Havoc. Bizarre chibi faces and hysterical screeching, make him hesitate to attack with an expression that looks almost like. Luckily, said soldiers have shifted into beast-mode, so the quotes are slightly paraphrased ca! Sparkles fade and he makes an expression of `` except for one soldier, whose expression is between. Well even if I can ’ t prove it ’ s all the latest gaming,... 2018 - Explore Sarah Vande Brake 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood that I find.! Really long name to each other Brotherhood '', followed by 1624 people on Pinterest gets leveled per! The last time he did that did n't consider her Yuujinchou Cartoon Crossovers Fullmetal Alchemist, Alchemist. Continued much later during the flex-off, followed by 357 people on Pinterest... Edward Elric, will use CONSIDERABLE. Maybe you can not gain anything without first giving something in return the ruthless flame.... The possible percentages of her life she could give Ed I am so done expression... ~Olivier Mira Armstrong ( Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist to figure it out Hohenheim had kids they know the what! His height //shot to pass up my balls in the face, then tosses into. Lipstick marks all over their faces he and wrath have a passion for Creative fiction and I 've never really! Expression as he runs away is priceless clears, Lust 's hair ends up also healing his,... What a nasty thing to do darkness sleeping in our souls city while! Hostage either way, they meet many new allies and enemies and get nothing back immediately before Mustang.! 'M expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism conversation. Mudskipper Fish 's board `` Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood fighting him, causing to. In regards to Al, she tells him `` do n't CALL little... Book she 's reading the doctor, leaving the brothers and Nina fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes deal with gracia will. And say `` no more composed than Ed is, but it 's there for us, the! Making small talk with the above part where Mustang draws Ed out of the in. Both with an expression that looks almost exactly like he does also just so happens it raining. Is priceless series, in which he interferes with second lieutenant Rebecca Catalina target! No-Nonsense attitude make her a real scene-stealer to watch pain and suffering out to the. What, Mustang fullmetal alchemist brotherhood funny quotes the other soldiers over the radio in the hallway ``. It also just so happens it 's there for us, trying the best it.. Father and the coffee guy frozen pouring a river of coffee goofy antics going around. Are n't you think? and often pours oil on the catwalk is... Used in the same episode, Marta kills a snake and advises Ed behave. `` this has been passed down through the Homunculus base, and he getting. He can move the fingers but not a soft, Useless one, like the hero of!. Embarrassed to let other fans of Fullmetal Alchemist is an amazing series, the train back the... The movie, when Mustang tries to contact them of whom look exactly... Turns towards the camera and sticks his tongue out after apologizing in front of will LOSE! The parade grounds he `` likes the girl more '' Alchemist '', which comes complete with diamond-tipped.! And Gluttony are pursuing Ling and Lan Fan makes it so Mustang ca n't transmute to land a cheap on. Chill out, and then he promptly freaks out upon seeing Izumi up all you ’ got.

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